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Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags

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Our Wind Horses Prayer Flags tap into an age old way to spread joy, hope, and good fortune. Each set of Wind Horses Prayer Flags embodies both the untamed spirit of the West and the peaceful magnificence of the East. Fly them to: meditate, commemorate, celebrate, pray, bless, heal, honor. 

Flag Size:
Mini: 2.5'' x  3''
Small: 4" x 5"
Set of 10 cotton flags
Cotton hanging cord

After thousands of years, Lung ta, the Wind Horse of the East, teams with Zephyr, a mustang of the West to magnify the power and goodness of prayer flags, one of the oldest and purest forms of reverent giving. Lung ta carries the sacred three jewels of Buddhism while Zephyr embodies the untamed spirit of the Old West. Our Wind Horses are depicted on colored flags that represent sky (blue), wind (white), fire (red), water (green), and earth (yellow). Harmony among these elements invokes the powerful energy of basic goodness. Like the wind, basic goodness cannot be seen or owned by anyone, yet is present for all. When flown with selfless intent, the horses fly atop the wind to carry good fortune to all. Wind Horses Prayer Flags brings joy and inspires the culture of giving. Quite literally, flying Wind Horses Prayer Flags makes the world a better place.

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