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Third Eye Wax Seal Stamp

Third Eye Wax Seal Stamp

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*Stamp only, Handle sold separately.

Features of this wax seal stamp:

  1. The wax stamp set is made of a brass head with clear carving and rosewood handle, which is durable and luxurious.
  2. The suitable size wax seal stamp is easy to install or exchange to a different wax seal stamp head.
  3. The wax seal stamp is widely used for weddings, invitations, cards, DIY crafts, customs, security, banking, insurance, etc. And a wax stamp with sealing wax would be a unique and personalized creative romantic gift for your lover, family or friends.

How to make a beautiful wax seal?

  1. a. Take a sealing wax candle, light it and wait a few seconds for the wax to start to melt. b. Take some wax seal beads into the spoon and heat the spoon with the candle to melt the wax beads.
  2. Drip or pour the melting wax onto the surface where you want it.
  3. Place the stamp on the melted wax for a few seconds.
  4. After a few seconds, remove the stamp after the wax has completely cooled down.


Wax Seal Stamp Diameter: .98inch(25 mm)

Materials: Vintage Brass Head

Warm Noted

If the stamp stuck to the wax, keep it until the wax cool down. Then you can more easily release the stamp from the wax.

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