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Patchouli Leaves, Wildcrafted

Patchouli Leaves, Wildcrafted

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Associated with love, riches, and ardor, Patchouli Leaves can be utilized in a selection of magickal applications. Patchouli imparts a scent reminiscent of the soil and the ground, relating it to the root chakra, which stands for money - a connection that makes Patchouli Leaves an ideal ingredient in prosperity and money spells and rituals. Long employed in fertility spells and other rites meant to draw people closer and stir desires, Patchouli Leaves are frequently included in love sachets and baths.

Our Patchouli Leaves come from ethical Wildcrafters, and are gathered in a responsibly, ecologically sound, and respectful way. The plants were not harmed and nothing was wasted.

Please Note: All sizes are approximate and may vary.

Warning: Adult supervision required. Avoid smudging if pregnant. Keep children and animals away from lit smudges. Do not leave lit smudges unattended.

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