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Dual-Purpose Candle Holders

Dual-Purpose Candle Holders

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Size: 2.5" height, and 3.86" base diameter.

Multifunctional: You may use with taper candles (less than 1.02” diameter), pillar candles (less than 2.95” diameter) or tealight candles. You will find it so very practical and decorative.

Material: Made of high quality iron with gloss gold/copper finish, anti corrosion and anti rust, solid and durable to use. It features an understated and elegant appearance.

Design: The design elements are simple. Round & deep hole in the middle provides firm support for a candlestick. It's wide surface plate will also protect your furniture from hot wax dripping as well as to hold smaller pillar candles and tealights. This cute old-fashioned design gives an "antique feel and can be very useful during blackouts.

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