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Dendritic Opal - Raw

Dendritic Opal - Raw

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X-Small: Approximately .5" to 1"

Small: Approximately 1" to 1.5"

Medium: Approximately 1.5" to 2"

Dendritic Opal - (Semi-Precious) is commonly used for personal growth and stress reduction. The stone purportedly aids emotional health by shielding you from toxic forces or people, as well as instilling you with more empathy and patience. Often called a Shaman stone, dendritic opal is great for anyone exploring past lives, clairvoyance, or divine beings. When used in deep meditation, dendritic opal may allow a clearer vision of your past lives, giving you insight into your current spiritual path and purpose.

Each stone piece is unique. The pictures shown here give a general idea of the product.

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