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Tektite - Raw

Tektite - Raw

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Small: Approximately .5 to 1.25"

Medium: Approximately 1.25" to 2"

Tektite - is a gemstone formed when a meteor crashed into the Earth and the heat of the impact created these glass crystals. This stone connects us with the vast wisdom of the universe and the collective unconscious. It helps us absorb knowledge, apply it in our life, and determine which life experience and knowledge furthers our Highest Good. Tektite bridges physical reality with spiritual reality, raises consciousness to highest vibrational levels, stimulates direct soul conscious communication and the experience of everything and nothing. Tektite resonates with the subtle body, should be used with caution and appropriate grounding, and accelerates psychic abilities. Tektite facilitates psychic communication with and attraction of soul conscious aligned frequencies.

Each stone piece is unique. The pictures shown here give a general idea of the product.

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