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Stone Mushroom - Lepidolite

Stone Mushroom - Lepidolite

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The Stone Mushroom rocks a unique design that'll add some serious character to your home or office decor. Crafted from high-quality stones, this mushroom-shaped décor piece has lasting power that'll keep you smiling for a lifetime! Decorate with a Stone Mushroom for an interior setting that oozes charm and personality.

Every Stone is unique, consisting of a premium quality stone. This item is made by skilled artisans.

Size: Approximately .5" W x .75" H

Lepidolite - (Semi-Precious) is sometimes called the "peace stone" because it is thought to have nurturing and calming properties. Lepidolite is effective in calming fried nerves, by helping to release worry and stress. It brings calm to stormy emotional seas, and provides energy of enlightened awareness. This stone encourages the wearer to see problems as opportunities to learn.

Each stone piece is unique. The pictures shown here give a general idea of the product.

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