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Skin Nourishing Lotion Bar - Seashore

Skin Nourishing Lotion Bar - Seashore

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Why splash about in ocean's deep for soft, nourished skin, when you can experience the tranquility of the sea within your home? Our Seashore Skin Nourishing Lotion Bar is like a spa day in a bar--all the relaxation without ever leaving your bathroom! Get shore-ly delightful skin with every use.

Net Wt: 1oz

These are great for dry, rough skin.

DIRECTIONS: Simply pop out of tin, and the heat from your hand will melt the oils. Then rub in like lotion.

What makes our Lotion Bars special?

  • Unique recipe perfected by a persnickety science nerd.
  • Each bar is hand poured and labeled.
  • 1-ounce bar
  • One bar last 3-4 months with normal use.
  • Lotion bars are phthalate, paraben, and sulfate free.
  • No goat milk in this product.
  • For those with allergies and to have a paraben-free preservative.
  • Products are free of any petroleum-based products.
  • Solid lotion makes an excellent moisturizer and skin protector.
  • Excellent for hands, cuticles, and heels.
  • Contains Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, and if scented Fragrance or Essential Oil
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