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Rendezvous Candle & Wax Melt (Sage Den Product)

Rendezvous Candle & Wax Melt (Sage Den Product)

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Rendezvous captures that moment in time when two people meet in secret. Imagine the serene beauty of a field of lilacs in peak bloom, with notes of green leaves, lily of the valley, and honeysuckle blossoms to enhance the alluring bouquet. Clean powder and woody amyris round out this floral scent with a soft, romantic touch.

This candle is hand poured into a travel friendly tin, then topped with Organic Cornflowers, Organic Elder Flowers, and Organic Rose Petals. (The wax melts will not have dried herbs added.)

These simplistically designed tins are perfect for your home, office, or to add a bit of home to your hotel room. They can also be cleaned and reused for storage of small items after the candle ends. The stone may also be cleaned and added to your stone collection.

This natural soy wax candle includes a wick made of natural cotton threads interwoven with paper and is infused with natural essential oils, including peppermint oil.

The 4 oz size candles come in pop top aluminum container. The 2.4 oz Wax Melts come in a plastic clam shell container.

Features: Handmade, 100% Natural Soy Wax, Includes Essential Oils, Paraben Free, Lead Free, Phthalate Free

The dried herbs will sometimes shift positions during shipping and/or while burning. If this happens gently move them away from the wick with a non-flammable device.

This item is handmade and therefore every item will be unique. The pictures shown here give a general idea of the finished product.

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