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Ochosi (Orisha)

Ochosi (Orisha)

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An Orisha is an embodied divinity, reflective of a manifestation of the divine in the African Yoruba faith tradition. That expression carries over to a range of American cultural practices, from Santería to Candomblé, Trinidad Orisha to Oyotunji, displaying a richly diverse and passionate following.

Ochosi, an Orisha of Santeria, is renowned for traversing wilds in search of prey. He is famed for unerring accuracy with his bow and arrow and his protection of beasts, particularly birds of prey. Additionally, Ochosi is a guardian of those who use dogs and is known for his upstanding character and sense of justice. As the patron of visionaries, Ochosi is called upon in rituals to aid in divine insight. His legendary strength, talent, and commitment to justice render him a complex and impressive Orisha.

Ochosi, a majestically-fashioned resin sculpture, dazzles with refinement, forming a luxurious centerpiece that mesmerizes with its serene contours and lavish embellishments. Its regal splendor enlivens any abode.

Size: Approximately 1.125" W x 3.875" H

Material: Resin

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