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Kamini Soap - White Sage

Kamini Soap - White Sage

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A mild 100% vegetable based soap to gently cleanse your skin. This beautiful fragrance soap is designed to make bathing a luxurious and sensual experience. Boxed 100 gram bar.

White Sage - A purifying scent said to absorb negativity and misfortune. Commonly used in place of smudge sticks for smudging and cleansing negative energies, as well as for its beautiful clean fragrance.

Kamini’s Vegetable Based Beauty Soaps are a high quality gentle cleansing soap with a gorgeous fragrance. These soaps come from the incense makers of the same name.

These soaps lather beautifully and have a creamy soft texture that is very gentle on the skin. Even the most sensitive skins will not be irritated by these wonderful soaps as the ingredients are non-synthetic like most commercial soaps.

Treat yourself to a magnificent soap that will leave you feeling fresh, clean, fragrant and with beautifully soft skin.

Kamini soaps are vegetable based and do not contain animal fats.

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