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Abalone & Lion Paw Shells

Abalone & Lion Paw Shells

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Size & Type

Small: 2" - 3" L (Tripod sold separately - 2" recommended)
Medium: 3" - 4" L with a deeper "bowl" (Tripod sold separately - 4" recommended)
Large: 4" - 5" L (Tripod sold separately - 4" recommended)
X-Large: 5" - 6" (Tripod sold separately - 4" recommended) (Lion Paw)
2X-Large: 6" - 7" with a deeper "bowl" (Tripod sold separately - 6" recommended)
3X-Large: 7" - 8" with a deeper "bowl" (Tripod sold separately - 6" recommended)

Abalone and Lion Paw shells are used to display crystals as well as other items or to burn loose herbs, charcoal and sage.

*Please note black marks and black holes are considered normal as they are natural shells from the sea, sometimes the black will chip off - All of these are not considered defects or nor have they been previously used in any way.

Warning: Adult supervision required. Avoid if pregnant. Keep children and animals away from lit items. Do not leave lit items unattended.

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